Keychain Restock

Restocked a few of the keychains. Awesome Bitch has a restock of 4 colours. Where The Fuck Are My Keys has a restock of 3 colours.

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Xmas Scrunchies

Christmas scrunchies have been added to website – surprisingly before December 😂 Designed a brand new Contact Us page. Didn’t have one before which was

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Added a wishlist to the website. Works correctly on everything except 3d prints. Doesn’t add the filament choice. I’m working on a fix but currently

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Restocked Lemongrass & Persian Lime, Japanese Honeysuckle & Juicy Watermelon. Added French Pear, Dragon’s Blood, Clean Cotton, Coconut & Jojoba, Cherry Blossom and Free Spirit.

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All workbooks are now updated to a modern, minimalist look inside and covers are matching across the entire range.

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