Baby Item Set – 002

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  • Bib:
      Material Front: Cotton.
      Material Back: Hand-dyed terry cloth.
      Sizing: 26cm long x 21cm wide.
  • Burp Cloth:
      Material Front: Cotton.
      Material Back: Hand-dyed terry cloth.
      Sizing: 48cm long x 19cm wide.

These items have been lovingly hand-dyed, and it may experience some color bleeding during the first couple of washes. To ensure it doesn’t impact your other laundry, we suggest giving it some extra care by hand washing after the initial one or two uses. Make sure to untie the teether fabric from the ring before washing.
Of course, if you are a very tired mama bear who could not be arsed faffing around with hand washing, just make sure to chuck it in the wash with similar coloured items or darker ones so the bleed doesn’t affect them.

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Product Care

  • Machine wash in cool water on gentle cycle.
  • Line dry is best for garment longevity.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not dryclean.
  • If ironing, only iron with low heat and never on any ‘fluffy’ or towelling fabric.
  • If product indicates it is hand dyed, it will most likely bleed for the first one or two washes. Please follow instructions included with purchase.



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