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Presenting our meticulously crafted scrunchies, each a testament to both style and functionality. Embrace the perfect blend of form and utility with a 20cm round segment of 1.2cm knitted elastic expertly integrated into every piece. This ingenious design allows for effortless double looping in hair ranging from normal to thick, while graciously encircling the wrist in a single loop for added convenience.
Envelop yourself in luxury as you explore the generous expanse of fabric, spanning 7.5cm in width. Carefully curated and thoughtfully designed, every scrunchie boasts a substantial length of no less than 1m, with select pieces featuring an opulent 1.5m of material, creating cascading ruffles that epitomize elegance.
Elevating the experience further is the personal touch infused into each creation. Every scrunchie is a labor of love, painstakingly handmade by the skilled hands of Lee. This dedication to artisanal craftsmanship ensures that you not only adorn yourself with a fashionable accessory but also a piece of artistry that exudes care and passion.

  • Elastic: 1.2cm wide x 20cm round
  • Fabric: 7.5cm wide x 1m+ long
  • Fits:
    • Double loop – normal to thick hair
    • Single loop – wrist

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