Wholesale Information

Wicked Lee Goods is run by a single human on a mission to give the world the creamiest soap that is also great for all skin types!

I make all my soap in small batches (either 10 in a loaf or 30 in a slab) and my focus is to use the most nourishing ingredients that give a wonderfully creamy lather that doesn’t feel drying on the skin.

I pride myself on creating the creamiest soaps that not only look great but are also hard bars that last for more than a few washes.

My soap is not only fantastic skin care but affordable as well. You won’t find any $15 bars here.

I started making soap over 10 years ago because commercial soap was doing horrible things to my skin. It was flaky, and I had raised red bumps on my thighs. I also hated the tight, dry feeling it gave me. Using my own formulated handmade soap has made all of that go away.

If this sounds like the sort of soap you’d like to sell, be it online, in store, or at local markets, the FAQ below should give you a bit of guidance. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

frequently asked questions

Who can be a wholesaler?

Anyone can be a wholesale customer. The discount off RRP is dependent on the amount of soap you buy.

There is a difference between bulk customers and wholesale customers.

BULK: If you wish to just do a one-off large purchase (between 20 and 50 bars) for a fund raiser, gift hampers, etc.

WHOLESALE: 50+ bars is considered wholesale, and it is generally assumed (although not an absolute requirement) that you will be a return wholesaler.

What is MOQ?

MOQ is the minimum order quantity. Most wholesalers have an MOQ. This is to deter those who might be a little less honest than the rest of us from buying 18 bars of soap just for themselves at a highly reduced rate.

What are your bulk rates?

Bulk rate is 30% off RRP. This equates to a saving of $1.80 per bar, making them $4.20 each instead of $6.

This is subject to change if ingredient prices continue to rise

What are your wholesale rates?

Wholesale rate is 50% off RRP. This equates to a saving of $3 per bar, making them $3 each instead of $6.

This is subject to change if ingredient prices continue to rise

What soap can I get bulk/wholesale?

Bulk soaps can be anything currently available on the website. There is no minimum limit to any particular scent or type of soap.

Wholesale soaps are custom-made for your order. You can order any design and fragrance combo, or you can leave the artist choices to me, or any mixture of the two. The only limitation is that you must order in lots of 10 or lots of 30 for a particular design/fragrance combo.

For example, you can order 10 yellow swirl soaps scented with Japanese Honeysuckle, along with 30 soaps in a layered pattern scented with Juicy Watermelon, and also 20 soaps in plain black unscented.

Any additives and decorations you see in my online store can be used with wholesale orders.

How will my soaps be packaged?

Wholesale soaps are shrink-wrapped and have Wicked Lee Goods labels. These show the name, weight and ingredients of the soap. Photos of labelling can be shown before purchase, but no changes are made for wholesale orders.

What if I don't want your branding and want my own?

This is called white label and I am more than happy to work with you on this. White label costing is different than wholesale though. As white label offers no ongoing benefits to Wicked Lee Goods (aka zero brand recognition) the white label rate is 20% off RRP. This equates to a saving of $1.20 per bar, making them $4.20 instead of $6.

Bars will be sent naked with no labels at all.

White label has the same MOQ requirements as wholesale.

What is the time-line on bulk and/or wholesale?

Bulk orders will be sent out immediately as they are procured from current stock.

Wholesale orders are custom-made; therefore, they do take time. Soap takes 4 weeks to cure from the day it is made, so a wholesale order will not be sent until that 4-week period has passed. You can request photo’s and videos of the soap being made if you’re interested.

If your wholesale order is large (200+ and in lots of 10) please add an extra week or so for all soaps to be made. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.

How much is shipping?

This is one question I cannot answer. It will be very dependent on the weight of the order. Each bar of soap weighs approximately 130 grams, so 20 bars, without even considering packaging, weigh 2.6kg. 100 bars weigh 13kg.

I will try to find the best price possible, be it via Australia Post or courier.

What are the payment options?

Payment options are the same as on normal orders. Stripe, Afterpay and Paypal.

When do I pay?

Bulk orders are paid for as you order them through the store.

Wholesale is 50% of the total upfront, with the other 50% on completion (cured and ready to ship). Shipping will then be organised and paid for upfront.

These terms are non-negotiable. If you wish to have some sort of payment plan, I suggest you use the Afterpay option for your payments.

Do I have to charge your RRP?

Absolutely not. In fact, I encourage wholesalers to find the right fit in terms of pricing.

My only requirement is that you do not undercut my price of $6 per bar.