I try to be different in the things I make and do.

All my candles are made with 100% EcoSoya wax – arguably the best source in the business. All fragrances come from Luxaroma (Eroma) with a few from Nature’s Garden thrown in when the Aussie dollar is being good to me (it’s an American company and we buy from the states). All glassware, wax and fragrances are tested before leaving the lab 🙂
All my soap is made with goats milk and a blend of skin loving oils, silk and clay. Tussah silk provides wonderful ‘slip’ against the skin. Kaolin clay is fantastic for removing dead skin cells and adds a silky feel to the lather. The oils I use are designed specifically to give a rich, creamy lather, rather than big fluffy bubbles. Bubbles don’t clean you, soap does 😉

As for me personally, I’m in my early fifties, live with 2 crazy cats and have 3 sons that I raised by myself. I have bi-polar disorder that sometimes stops me from doing what I love, but also helps me do what I love. It’s just part of who I am. I have a YouTube channel that features my soap making that seems to be doing pretty well, and I have recently added a personal channel that I find quite therapeutic. I am covered in tattoos and have multiple piercings (face and otherwise) but if you judge me solely on those you’d be terrible wrong. I do not drink, smoke or do drugs of any kind other than my medication for bi-polar, and the good old peusdo’s for my chronic sinus issues. I hate losing even more control of my brain (pretty much how you feel being bi-polar), which is a driving force behind my sobriety. I also suffer from emetophobia which is probably more of a reason why I don’t put anything foreign into my bloodstream than the loss of control. Real phobia’s are horrible things to live with. If you are unaware of the difference between being scared of something and having an actual phobia, do some research. It’s quite interesting.
I guess that’s also a big part of who I am. I love to learn. I want to know everything about everything, from the tiniest speck of information up to how the universe was made. Some people hunger for food – I hunger for knowledge 🙂 I love to organise, even if I never follow through on my ridiculous amount of lists and notes. My planner started out so wonderful this year. It’s mid-February and it’s just a dead weight in my handbag now lol And now it’s July 2020 and it gets used on a daily basis. I’m so bi-polar 😉
And that’s enough rambling from me. If you’ve watched a  video you know how much I waffle. If not, lucky you (but go subscribe anyway lol).