Coconut & Jojoba


This seductive scent will instantly have you daydreaming of exotic tropical beaches.

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Our concentrated fragrance oils are perfect for using with ultrasonic (mist) diffusers and tealight oil burners and come in convenient dripper bottles for a no mess application.
If you want the house to smell amazing when you clean, try a few drops in the mop bucket, or sprinkle a few on the filter in your vacuum cleaner.
Add to the washing machine rinse cycle to make your clothes smell gorgeous!
Try a couple of drops on a cotton ball and put in your undie drawer. Also with offseason clothing to keep them smelling fresh.
Use an aircon? You can add drops to the filter on that as well.

50ml in an amber glass dropper bottle.
Keep in a dark area away from direct & indirect sunlight for a longer lasting product.

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