Custom Stamp – My Design



For custom stamp information, contact me on Facebook or via email FIRST to discuss exactly what you need.
DO NOT purchase this item before we speak so I can judge accurately if I am able to actually do the design you want 🙂

This product purchase is for a custom designed stamp that I have to create from scratch from your ideas/sketches or to edit existing images to work with a 3d print. This prices does not include multiple edits (1 or 2 is fair – but must be BEFORE 3d print).

Custom does not mean exclusive. Wicked Lee Goods retains all rights and can sell in store after design. This does not happen on custom logo stamps, but can & does happen with generic stamps.


  • This is a print on demand item. Sometimes we have stock ready made and this will be used in your order first. When your order comes in, it will be placed in the print queue. You could be first in the queue, or 14th. Larger items can take up to 17 hours to print so please allow this in your timing.
  • These items are 3D printed and do not deal well with heat. Do not place in dishwasher. Please make sure to clean using cool water. For best results, use dishwashing liquid and cool water and wash with a non-abrasive pad. Do not leave soaking in water.
  • 3d printed items hold a whole mess of static electricity. Give them a wipe down with isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel to remove any dust or fuzzies they will have inevitably picked up from somewhere in the universe.
  • PLA (what these 3D printed items are made from) is not plastic, but a thermoplastic polyester made from fermented plant starch using renewable resources. PLA is biodegradable & environmentally friendly.
  • 3d printing is ‘additive manufacturing’ meaning there is no waste when creating your items.


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