Have you ever dreamed of making cold-process soap? Thought it might be too hard, or too dangerous? Would you like a book that will show you how wonderful and uncomplicated it can be and have you soaping in a day? You would?

Well you’re definitely in the right place 😉

My book, Soap with Wicked Lee (pdf) or Soap With Wicked Lee (A4 bound version) is subtitled ‘A Zen Guide to Cold Process Soap Making’ for a reason. It’s my Zen, and I really want to make it yours as well. Soap making doesn’t have to be hard, or dangerous, and my book will show you the right way to do things so it is neither of those for you.

It has 2 sections:

THE BASICS has you creating cold-process soap from everyday household items and all the information needed to jump in immediately. No technical speak; just relaxed & clearly laid out step-by-step instructions.

If you’re worried about using lye, this book will help alleviate those fears and bring you a clear understanding of safe handling practices without all the off-putting dire warnings you find elsewhere. Zen is what we’re aiming for here.

THE REST is the in-depth section that encapsulates the science behind cold-process soap, but written with the same Zen attitude as the beginner section. Regardless of skill level, this section will have you understanding oil properties & SAP values, creating recipes for the soap you most want to make, and even water discounting like the pro’s!

Here is the full chapter list:

    • Safety
      • About Lye in Soap
      • Lye Safety
      • Tool Safety
      • Soap Safety
    • Tools
    • Ingredients
    • Recipes
    • Make Your First Soap
      • Making Your Lye Solution
      • Measuring Your Ingredients
      • Creating Your Soap
      • Cleaning Up
      • Unmolding & Cutting
      • Curing
    • THE REST
      • Soap Science
        • Saponification
        • Superfat
        • All About Water
          • Water Quality
          • Water Discounting
          • Water Substitution
        • Masterbatching Lye
        • Emulsion & Trace
        • To Gel Or Not To Gel
        • Cure Times
        • What’s Gone Wrong
      • Fragrancing Your Soap
        • Synthetic Fragrance Oils
          • Well Behaved Fragrances
          • Not So Well Behaved Fragrances
        • Essential Oils
      • Colouring Your Soap
        • Natural Colourants
        • Synthetic Colourants
      • Additions
        • Into Your Lye
        • Into Your Oil
        • Into Your Soap Batter
      • Oil Properties
      • Understanding Soapcalc
        • Soapcalc’s Numbers
        • Fatty Acids
          • Saturated Fatty Acids
          • Unsaturated Fatty Acids
        • Fatty Acid Profiles
        • Going Through The Steps
      • Molds
        • What Can Be Used?
        • Calculate Your Recipe
      • Advanced Tools
      • Create Your Own Recipe
        • Using SAP Values
        • Using Soapcalc
      • Australian Suppliers
      • YouTube Channels to Watch
      • Final Word