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This A4 sized version is printed & bound inhouse.

This is the same as the paperback but with added note pages at the end of the book and sized up to A4 dimensions.

Soap with Wicked Lee

A Zen Guide to Cold Process Soap Making

I love soap making and each loaf of soap brings me a new sense of joy and wonder. It sounds sappy, I know, but it really is true. And it’s like that for just about every cold-process soap maker once they make a successful batch. This book is designed for just that. Whether you’re wanting to create your very first soap today, or want more information on the whole process, I’ve got you covered.

THE BASICS has you creating cold-process soap from everyday household items and all the information needed to jump in immediately. No technical speak; just relaxed & clearly laid out step-by-step instructions.

If you’re worried about using lye, this book will help alleviate those fears and give you a clear understanding of safe handling practices without all the off-putting dire warnings you find elsewhere. Zen is what we’re aiming for here.

THE REST is the in-depth section that encapsulates the science behind cold-process soap, but is written with the same Zen attitude as the beginner section. Regardless of skill level, this section will have you understanding oil properties & SAP values, creating recipes for the soap you most want to make, and even water discounting like the pro’s!

No matter what skill level soap maker you are, there’s sure to be something here for you!

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1 review for Soap with Wicked Lee – Wirebound – A4

  1. Sherry Cline (verified owner)

    I’ve been cp soaping for, well let’s simply say a lot of years and I’ve collected shelves full of soap related books. But, this one….this one is special. Of all the books out there, this one is absolutely the most user friendly I’ve seen. Down to earth, without talking down to the reader. Teaches that you don’t need to fear lye but you do need to respect it (Amen), and I love the humor which is what drew me to this author/creator and her amazing videos in the first place.
    As I hurtle into the ‘crone’ phase of my existance on this earth, I tend to struggle at times remembering…well, words, the placement of car keys and other important stuff. This book has all the soap info in one place, the how-to, the why of it, the math and the science. It will be traveling with me to all my craft shows. This book should be the first one read by all future soapers. Well done!!

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