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Printables has gotten a fresh new front page, along with a bunch of new products.

Baby Item Sets

Added a few baby item sets to the store. These consists of things like bib, teether and burp cloth in various combinations. Plenty more of

Skull Cards

Added a bunch of cards with skulls on them to the store. Obviously these are my favourites lol


Added a whole bunch of stickers to the store.

Tote Bags

Added all my tote bags to the website … finally!


All printables listed on the website are now linked to pdf files rather than zips. Makes it easier for you guys to just download, double

New Melt Fragrance List

New melt fragrances. These are limited to one run, although if I really like something or it’s popular I’ll add it to the regular list

PVC Pipe Restock

Restock on both the small and large version of some of the colours.

Keychain Restock

Restocked a few of the keychains. Awesome Bitch has a restock of 4 colours. Where The Fuck Are My Keys has a restock of 3 colours.


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